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Re: [IP] <basel rates>

I guess then I am strange (but what is new :) ).
I started on Wednesday (less than a week ago). I am still checking about 15 
times a day, but so far I have had only TWO over 160 numbers (um. site 
disenguaged itself, and last night I had a occulsion alarm). According to 
everyone that I have talked to in reguards to this, I was started on a basel 
rate that was a little high for me...for the first night on the pump, I was 
woke up from a dead sleep with a 34 then hour and a half later a 37.. so 
with the basels where they are, I am doing better than I have in Years.
Also on the issue of the site problem that I posted yesterday.. Michael gave 
me a idea that I had not thought of before... I got Tincture of Benzoine 
(single use vials that you squeeze to get the medication to the coton tip) 
in boxes that are in my steri strip box (it will also help me clear out the 
old stuff and it gives me reason to go get new stuff to replace the stuff 
that I will be using for sites). And I should have thought about that 
sooner.......... Thank you Michael and everyone else that sent me a 
suggestion in reguards to my sites not sticking..

R. Leppanen

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