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Re: [IP] unwanted prescription drug emails

   You most likely got hit with what is known as a "predictive" spammer 
application.  In the past, spammers had  try and harvest e-mail 
addresses from other sources (web pages, nntp postings, e-mail 
lists...).  Well, as anti-spam techniques grew more sophisticated, so 
have the spammers!  What they do now is populate a database of common 
usernames (the part to the left of the "@"), and combine them with the 
domain name of their choice, like comcast.net, and then start blasting 
messages at the mail server for that domain.  The majority of  the 
addresses they try will most likely get rejected with a "user unknown"  
error, but every now and then they will get a "hit" , and Bingo!  You've 
got Spam! 
   In case you didn't know it, SMTP, which is the protocol for internet 
mail is completely unencrypted  and transactions take place in plain 
english commands and responses . A predictive spammer looks something 
like this:

mail.comcast.net ready.
helo spammer.com
mail.comcast.net talking to spammer.com
mail from: email @ redacted
250 OK
rcpt to: email @ redacted
550 User unknown
rcpt to: email @ redacted
550 User unknown
rcpt to: email @ redacted
250 OK             <--------------GOTCHA!  (Spammer records this as a 
"good" address fro later use or sale)


See if you can tell what I do for a living (no, I'm NOT a spammer!)


gdonohue wrote:

>I don't use this email address for anything but IP and in the several
>years on this list I have only received IP emails to it. But the last
>month or so I have been getting a few and now several a day emails that
>are about prescription drugs for sale etc.....
>Is everyone getting these emails???
>Anything I can do about them? I have not opened or responded to anything
>that does not start with [IP].
>Gail Donohue
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org