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Re: [IP] <basel rates>

> How long does it take to get your basel rates adjusted ? I am on the
> 512 pump the last 6 weeks and still haven got any stable rates yet .
> my health care worker seems to be a little nervous when given advice
>  thank you melvin cousins

It depends.... If your life, diet, basal needs are real "vanilla" 
then you can do it in a couple of days. If not, it might take a month 
just to figure out what basal requirements are. I remember when Lily 
was about 13 or 14, we spent a whole month figuring out her night 
time basals. Once that was done, it "stuck" for well over a year 
before it needed tweaking again.

I'd recommend that you read the section in Pumping Insulin on 
profiling your basal rates and the HOWTO on the IP page


HOWTO profile your basal rates

Go slow, do just one segment of the day at a time. Skip a day or two 
and try to duplicate the profile curve shape. Tweak it in, and do it 
again. There's no rush and doing it that way will allow you to dial 
it in real close.

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