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Re: [IP] Was Pay Up - now Beta Cell Transplants

>At 7:46 PM -0600 11/21/03, James Parsons wrote:
>>  >  or some brilliant grant writer will know just how to touch on the
>>>  compassion that is stored up in all those conservatives out there!
>>  > George
>>Thanks for the mention, George hehe.
>        Good luck with those James, everyone owes you a big pat on 
>the back if any of them come through for IP.   Keeping my fingers 
>crossed on that!

Actually, everyone owes you for giving it that try, even if those 
"conservative" do not return anything.  I didn't mean to belittle in 
any way your effort.  It IS appreciated!!!!      :>)

>>BTW, what did you think of the presentation yesterday at Baylor? (Baylor
>>Hospital in Fort Worth plans to conduct ten beta cell transplants in 2004
>>and another ten in 2005).

Will we have to come up with twenty pancreas donations locally to 
reach that figure?

>>I had to chuckle when Dr. Levy said he wanted healthy candidates, but if you
>>are pumping and in good control, don't bother. So he wants patients who are
>>out of control but healthy?? Life is full of ironies...

Life certainly is!  I wonder now about the importance of those other 
cells that are not stripped out in the pancreas separation process, 
the A-cells, D-cells, F-cells and do I remember correctly, an X-cell. 
Would that be the one to make life X-cellent?     ;>)

Beyond my humor, it is these other cells and their effects on glucose 
balance that lead me to think that we are still a LONG way off from a 
"closed loop system"   To me a closed loop system would include 
glycogen at the very least and I still wonder of the importance of 
all the other hormones in glucose balance!   Till there's a CURE!!!!

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