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Re: [IP] <basel rates>

>How long does it take to get your basel rates adjusted ? I am on the 
>512 pump the last 6 weeks and still haven got any stable rates yet . 
>my health care worker seems to be a little nervous when given advice 
>thank you melvin cousins

Melvin, to get accurate Basel Rates you need to go to the Exchange 
Bank in Basel to really be accurate.   Now as far as how long it 
takes to adjust your pump basal rate, YMMV.  It took me about 8 weeks 
coming off of Ultralente.  I understand that some people can do it in 
about a week coming off of Lantus.  But 8 weeks does seem unusual. 
Do you have your "Bible?"   Not the one of many books, but the Third 
Edition of the one by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts titled "Pumping 
Insulin" will help you with that problem.  It is the first book 
listed on this page and this IS your BEST price available.  (Well not 
really, I did find it 1 cent cheaper elsewhere but wouldn't get it 
there as they did not support Insulin-Pumers)


Read this and amaze your CDE with your knowledge!  You'll have those 
basils, er basals, down pat in no time at all!     ;>)

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