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Re: [IP] unwanted prescription drug emails

At 8:51 PM -0800 11/21/03, Lisa A Felton wrote:
>  I have not rec'd prescription emails. I do the same thing and use 
>this address
>pretty much just for IP, but eventually, once I start to sign up for 
>asst things
>my email will become part of the 'world of databases' and who knows what I'll
>get. Even checking sites that are linked to on the IP site will send out the
>cookie crumbs letting them know I'm here for the asking...
>Lisa Ann

The cookies may let them know that you are but unless 
you have entered your email address info in a data cookie, they will 
not know you from much less what address to send an 
email to.

>these e-mails about prescription drugs, quite a few of them.  AOL is really
>good at filtering out spam and this is the first time I can remember in
>almost 3 years that I have received spam (though my young son received a lot
>of really terrible things on his AOL account).  I figure that AOL is
>targeted by random missiles.

Any spammer worth his weight in cow dung uses "shotgun" techniques to 
send Spammy-mail.  But you can add spam filtering to your own email, 
even my own ISP now offers free filtering.  Just be careful that you 
don't get something that will not learn to trust certain email.  Spam 
Happens.   I've been getting fooled lately, getting up in the middle 
of the night or early morning and there is a Spam that reads "Save at 
the Pump"   hehehe, I don't think they're talking of the same pump 
I'm thinking of.

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"The more people I meet, the more I find that love their dog and they 
can't be all bad"   ;>)

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