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Re: [IP] How DOES the MM Bolus Wizard do the math?

Basal insulin does not apply. They have done studies that have shown that
insulin lasts in the body longer than the before 3 to 4 hours.  The problem
is, that is just an average estimation. I believe that everyone is
different.  If I'm over 300 and my correction isn't that much because there
is insulin working on me, what I have done is increased my basal rate for 2
hours by 20% and this brings me right down. Now this is only because I'm
over 300 which for me seems like I need more than my usual 1 unit per 30
mg/dl  correction factor.  A major YMMV, but just thought I'd share with you
what I've learned.

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From: "Juan Antonio Dominion" <email @ redacted>
Hi Ernie,

I just got the 512 because I wanted the Bolus Wizard.  The manual does
not give the algorithms.  FWIW, I'm a little unhappy with it because I
believe that it overestimates the amount of insulin left working from
previous boluses.  My suspicion is that they include the basal insulin
in this amount, which really shouldn't apply to correction dosages,
because basal insulin is strictly for your body's needs without food.

Antonio in Los Angeles
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