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[IP] Re: help with blood sugars

<I'm just 
letting off steam because I don't know if I need to change Endo's or if 
it's all my fault, which it probably is.>


 Several things to consider. I too had the same kind of problems you mentioned
(my A1C in August was 9.5) until about two months ago when I made several
changes. First, I changed endos and CDE's from an endo who just wringed his
hands and told me to call Minimed because he couldn't explain what was happening
(he never even tried to find out and didn't seem to care), to a great new team
who really knows what they're doing. The biggest change they made was to lower
my basals and increase my bolus to carb ratio. At the same time, I learned from
IP that I'm one of the minority who has an allergic reaction to infused Humalog,
so I started mixing in a little regular as recommended, and then under my new
endo's care, switched completely to Novolog. I also quit using my overused lower
ab, and now rotate sites among my upper ab and hips, again based on what I
learned from IP (my old CDE was no help about sites or infusion sets either). So
between switching insulins, changing sites and
  significantly changing my basals and boluses, it's been a whole new life! I
can't wait to see what my next A1c will be. I'm just sorry it took me two years
of drastically swinging blood sugars and frustration to solve it, but I'm
eternally grateful to discovering IP and getting so many answers and great
suggestions. (And yes everyone, I made a sizeable donation to IP a couple of
months ago out of gratitude). Pam, dx'd 1989 at age 33, pumping 10 years
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