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Re: [IP] unwanted prescription drug emails

> I don't use this email address for anything but IP and in the
> several years on this list I have only received IP emails to it. But
> the last month or so I have been getting a few and now several a day
> emails that are about prescription drugs for sale etc.....
> Is everyone getting these emails???
> Anything I can do about them? I have not opened or responded to
> anything that does not start with [IP].
> Gail Donohue

Consider yourself lucky. I get hundreds of these a day, most are 
zapped by the filters. Just FYI, some of these spammers use robots 
and snoop programs to snare email addys directly from network traffic 
that goes through major ISP's. IP uses LOTS of filtering to prevent 
this kind of traffic from getting into the forums. Sadly it is simply 
not enough --- what we need is seek and destroy missles that trace 
back to the spam source <grin> If you're interested in such stuff, 
see: http://www.spamcannibal.org
which protects IP

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