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[IP] RE: Pay Up

After having read the last several newsletters I've came to feel like a
freeloader. However, I can't afford the dough to "pay up" so I'll just drop
from the list. I've seen very few posts answering pump questions and more
on the money side. I would like to thank Michael for providing this service,
asking for donations is one thing, but the posts from the members sounds
more like
a shake down, "Your money or your life". Maybe not that drastic, but when
someone DEMANDS
cash it gets on my fighting side.

I sat through the 512 waterproof/watertight controversy (fwiw I never
received a notice from Mini Med on this issue) and thought that things would
get better. Apparently not, now it's onto another catastrophe. Oh well. I
wish you long life, health and prosperity.
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