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RE: [IP] Re: Nipro Amigo Pump

I just spoke with Nipro and got the forms faxed to me to try and get
this pump before the end of the year.  I spoke with someone in 'clinical
services' who explained to me how the reservoirs are filled.  They are
the same Luer-Lok syringe method that the MM 508 and prior used.
Although it's not as slick as the Paradigm reservoir filling, I would
rather be with a new customer focused company than have the ease of
reservoir filling.  Also, they don't have a belt clip that attaches
directly to the pump, but it's like a cell phone belt clip where there
is a knob that attaches to the back of the pump, then slides into a
slotted belt clip.  Although not quite as lean as the MM clip (maybe),
it does allow you to turn the pump any way around.  It uses a cylinder
shaped camera? battery available at any drugstore and they warrant about
a month of life.  Much better than the 1 week MM warrants.


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I saw the Nipro Amigo last week. It is slightly less chunky than the 508
and holds 300 units of insulin. They've already made some changes to the
software. The pump is being tested by Underwriters Laboratory to
determine its waterproof level and it is expected to be considered
waterproof. They have also verified via testing that they do not have
issues with ESD.

They've tried to make this pump the best of both worlds. It has .05
increments for basals, vibrations, silent and sound alarms, waterproof,
the menu uses both words AND icons (if you're used to Disetronic, you
may like this). An extended bolus is available in addition to the normal

I like the clear window to the reservoir even though they also show the
res level on the front screen. They also show the battery level on the
front screen. I like the leather case a lot since it still allows you to
see the res window and has a clip that works like a mobile phone clip.

The Amigo uses a Lithium battery and lasts about 2 months.

Though Nipro already controls a large portion of the market in Japan, it
appears that the Amigo is going to be their insulin pump workhorse from
now on. They're shipping it world-wide, including to Japan.

I have been told that they are working to create "the best customer
service" of all of the companies.

Good luck,


Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:39:25 -0500
From: Billy Goodhand <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: Nipro Amigo Pump

Anyone using the Nipro Amigo Insulin Pump or had any experience with it?

I haven't seen it mentioned and am hoping to get on the pump within the 
next few weeks so have been investigating them all. I've only been a 
member of IP for a couple of weeks but have learned so much! Thanks ever

so much!
Bill Breare
Type 2 = +/- 15 years.
Type 1  = 7 months.
Currently shooting up with Lantus and Humalog Pen Glycohemoglobin 6.3
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