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[IP] Alcohol Consumption

Hi, Pattie,

Here is the information contained in Optimal Pumping about alcohol.  If
you want more details, let me know.

"Pure alcohol does not raise blood glucose, so you probably don't need
to bolus for the calories in most light beers or a glass of dry wine.
Pure alcohol can actually lower blood glucose approximately 8-12 hours
after drinking, due to alcohol limiting the liver from releasing
glucose.  Other drinks, including the following, do contain
carbohydrate.  You may need to take insulin with these beverages:  Mixed
drinks made with regular soda, syrup or fruit juice, liquers, sweet
dessert wines.

But YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFYUL.  Since the ability of your liver to convert
stored glucose and put it into the bloodstream is impaired while it is
processing the alcohol you consumed, you run the risk of taking too much
insulin and going low hours later.  This can be a real problem if you
drink at night, take too much insulin, and go to sleep, since the low
could hit you when you are least prepared to deal with it.

So, always test your blood glucose after you have been drinking alcohol,
especially if you are getting ready to go to bed.  If your bedtime blood
glucose is elevated after drinking, reduce your correction bolus by 50%.
HAVE BEEN DRINKING.  When alcohol consumption is combined with activity
(e.g. dancing), the risk of a low blood glucose is even greater."

On a personal note, when I used to go out drinking, I didn't have any
idea what formula to use for adjusting my correction bolus, so I used to
just wing it and give myself a couple of units instead of say 5 or 6.
Also, if I had been dancing, or having active sex, then I would just err
on the side of keeping my BG high (in the high 100's to low 200's) so
that it wouldn't bottom out at night from the activity and alcohol.  In
doing this, I NEVER had a problem with hypoglycemia so I guess it must
have worked for me.  And I used to do it A LOT.  :)

I hope this is helpful and can alleviate some of your fears.  Let me
know if you'd like to discuss it any further.


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Antonio said:
----snip----It also had the best discussion I have ever seen of how to
alcohol consumption.  It gave practical ways for dealing with it,
saying that it was forbidden.---

Could you possibly share a little of that discussion here?  My biggest
with my recently diagnosed college student is alcohol consumption.
While I'd
love to think that she would completely avoid it....I have to be
realistic and
know that this IS college.  I've harped to her over and over..."Just
have one
beer and eat something with it!" until her eyes simply roll back in her
from listening to me when she's home on break <grin>....is there any
advice that you could share?  Thanks!

Pattie....Neurotic mother of 20 year old diagnosed in August of 2003!
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