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Re: [IP] high A1C

> I had my 3 month A1C last Friday.  I knew it was going to be high,
> my sugars are just crazy all the time.  They range from 50 to 500. 
> I have no control at all.  I've been pumping for 2 yrs.  What the
> *$#! am I not doing right???  I check my BS, I try to count carbs...
> So, my endo downloaded my meter and pump readings, and since I
> didn't have any log sheets, she's like, "What can I do for you?" 
> What am I supposed to say? 
>  Help me!  Tell me what you can do for me!  I left not knowing
>  anything 
> new, still feeling lost. 

Couple of things might help.
1) don't eat late evening meals or snacks.
2) Profile your basal needs. This may take some time. Basal 
inconsistencies are the biggest cause of bg problems. If your 
insurance will pay for it, do a CGMS run.

Read the section in Pumping Insulin on profiling your basals and read 
the HOWTO page on the web site at:


"HOWTO profile your BASAL RATES"

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