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RE: [IP] high A1C

If you awoke with the 73 I would say the basal rate is set a bit too high.
Joni, if your basal rates are set correctly you shouldn't be going low
unless your body is capable of producing some insulin or there are other
problems. Because you went so high with the orange juice I'm going to toss
this information to you. On average, if I remember correctly, 4 oz. of
orange juice raises glucose about 50 points....but I pulled something like
you did with this delightfully tasting beverage. I have really bad
allergies, both environmental and food.
Turns out I'm allergic to orange juice plus....it contains histamine
so.....it's rather bad news for me most of the time. If you have any
allergies I would check into the situation as I couldn't get my sugars under
control until this issue was addressed.


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I had my 3 month A1C last Friday.  I knew it was going to be high, my
sugars are just crazy all the time.  They range from 50 to 500.  I have
no control at all.  I've been pumping for 2 yrs.  What the *$#! am I not
doing right???  I check my BS, I try to count carbs... So, my endo
downloaded my meter and pump readings, and since I didn't have any log
sheets, she's like, "What can I do for you?"  What am I supposed to say?
 Help me!  Tell me what you can do for me!  I left not knowing anything
new, still feeling lost.  So, I am going to use a PDA w/ DM care EQ on
it.  Maybe that will get my A1C's down from 8.6 to under 7.  Oh, here's
an example of my sugars this morning: 7:30, 73, drank 4 oz of juice,
10:30 357.  Does that make sense?  It must be my basal rates?  I'm just
letting off steam because I don't know if I need to change Endo's or if
it's all my fault, which it probably is.
Joni (Dx'd 2/2001, pumping Paradigm 511)
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