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[IP] high A1C

I had my 3 month A1C last Friday.  I knew it was going to be high, my 
sugars are just crazy all the time.  They range from 50 to 500.  I have 
no control at all.  I've been pumping for 2 yrs.  What the *$#! am I not 
doing right???  I check my BS, I try to count carbs... So, my endo 
downloaded my meter and pump readings, and since I didn't have any log 
sheets, she's like, "What can I do for you?"  What am I supposed to say? 
 Help me!  Tell me what you can do for me!  I left not knowing anything 
new, still feeling lost.  So, I am going to use a PDA w/ DM care EQ on 
it.  Maybe that will get my A1C's down from 8.6 to under 7.  Oh, here's 
an example of my sugars this morning: 7:30, 73, drank 4 oz of juice, 
10:30 357.  Does that make sense?  It must be my basal rates?  I'm just 
letting off steam because I don't know if I need to change Endo's or if 
it's all my fault, which it probably is.
Joni (Dx'd 2/2001, pumping Paradigm 511)
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