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RE: [IP] Pay up

At 09:04 AM 11/21/03, Grimes, Keith wrote:
>Moreover, if you're going to continue to suggest that people should
>indeed pay to play (which is perfectly fine with me) let's make sure we
>all know what we're wanting that money for. It costs nothing but time to
>maintain a mailing list and time is not cheap. But I'll say it again,
>people all over the world with a desire to do just that, are doing it.
>The website, on the other hand, is a different kind of beast, which
>obviously takes much more time and money to maintain. Charge up the
>wazoo for the use of it, if you want to (grammarians, please excuse that
>last sentence). Or donate as much of your money as you want in an effort
>to keep it running. I don't care what you do with your money and please
>don't feel the need to inform me of your financial situation - it has no
>bearing on this discussion.

Not to argue here, but it costs more than time to maintain a mail list, 
IMO.  At the very least you need computer hardware, you need a broadband 
internet connection.  And yes... you need time.  I'm a volunteer here, and 
I know the time involved in all the processes to keep this mail list 
up-to-date and operating smoothly.  I have done the job of "catching 
bounces" when members let their mailboxes fill up so that there's no room 
for more emails, when members change their email addresses and neglect to 
tell us, when members put blocks on their email addresses causing our 
emails to bounce back to us.  We try to research bounce messages rather 
than just immediately deleting people, since we feel that our cause here is 
important.  I have also processed new profiles and helped members make 
changes to their subscriptions.  Michael's job involves keeping the system 
all running.  It takes time.  IMO, the website does not require the amount 
of time that the mail list does, since you don't necessarily update the 
webpage on a daily basis.  But the website does require hosting and a 
domain name, among other things, which does cost something.  I remember 
when Michael moved the office to a different location in order to find 
cheaper rent.  We've teased Michael in the past about how he can manage to 
keep a computer running on sweat, prayers and duct tape.  <vbg>  We've had 
situations when the mail server has crashed and immediately messages come 
in... "why have I not gotten any mail?"  "Is there something wrong?"  Our 
members depend on the mail list.  Some depend on the website.  We all 
depend on what we find here at IP.  While I'm not sure if I'm for 
membership payment or not, I do know that even a small operation takes 
money to run.  There are some pictures of the IP office... let me see if I 
can find the link....ahhh, here it 
is:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/faq/officeN.html .

For those who can afford to contribute, please do so.  For those who can't, 
don't feel bad about it.  We all have different situations in life and we 
all know that life itself is a YMMV situation.

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