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RE: [IP] Life Insurance Question


The link above is from the American Diabetes Association and what is
says is below.  Since the American Diabetes Association suggests looking
for insurance companies with home offices outside the US, here is a link
to the Canadian Diabetes Association which lists a company that will do
life and travel insurance policies for diabetics.  I don't know if they
have restrictions on where you live, however it might be worthwhile
calling direct, instead of going through a US agency.

------------------ From the American Diabetes Association web site: 
Life Insurance for People with Diabetes
Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, life insurance policies sold
within the United States can become unaffordable or unavailable. This is
because life insurance policies are allowed by state and federal law to
"rate" or charge a premium based upon an applicant's health status. In
addition, a plan can choose to not provide a policy based upon an
applicant's health status. 

** What can a person with diabetes do to overcome life insurance issues?

First, if a person wants to purchase a life insurance policy, the best
option is to search for life insurance sold under the laws of another
country (e.g., Canada, European Union). Most life insurance salespeople
with large firms can help find international underwriters who will sell
this type of policy in the United States. Assuming that a person with
diabetes can find a life insurance policy of this type, such policies
are frequently expensive.

** Are life insurance obstacles facing people affected by diabetes
likely to be overcome soon? 

Sadly, the answer is no. Very little is underway throughout federal and
state legislatures in the United States to reform the life insurance
marketplace. Further complicating matters are the protections available
to the life insurance industry afforded under a variety of laws
including the American with Disabilities Act. These laws typically
exempt life insurance policies from complying with anti-discrimination
laws with regard to policies sold.

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I'm trying to get a life insurance policy for me, but keep getting
declined because I'm a T1.  Been a T1 for 38 years (I'm 50 now) and have
been on my first  pump for 5 weeks now. For those of you who've been
pumping for several years, have any of you had any luck in getting life
insurance, and does being on a pump increase you chances of getting a
policy?  I keep excellent BG records and have very good A1C's.  Do you
know of any insurance companies that cater to people with diabetes and
whose premiums aren't exorbitant? Keith
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