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RE: [IP] Pay up

> So when I read posts from some of the members who are talking
>  about the site. I just do not see how anyone can even ask : if This
> operates
> just like the others. I get lots and lots of email mailed to me
> I
> read them, delete them, reply to some,
> subscribe and unsubscribe. So why does this one need my money? The
>  information here is very useful, but not anymore useful than the
> information I
> get from
> my non-publicly funded counterparts.
> I guess the "member" who wrote that has not EVER gotten any important
>  information from IP. I assume they are fortunate enough to have good
> insurance
> and
> have not needed to rely on the kindness and generosity of other
> for
> suppplies or medicine.

I was the person who wrote the above message and I stand by it. I said
nothing negative about this list in the above message or in any other
message. I get a lot of very useful information from this list - just
like I do from the other diabetes lists that I belong to. 

And regarding your assumption that I must be fortunate enough to have
good insurance so that I don't have to rely on the kindness and
generosity of other members - what does that have to do with the price
of tea in China? Do you think that the IP list has a corner on the
kindness and generosity market? If so, check out the insulinpumpusers
list. Yes, believe it or not, there are other groups out there where
members are supporting each other in a caring and respectful environment
and it doesn't cost you a penny to freely exchange information.


I don't know if you went out of your way to miss the point of my
original post, or if that sort of thing just happens quite naturally. So
let me try again. If I were to make use of the WEBSITE - and there were
a fee associated with that use - I would choose to either pay or go
elsewhere. But as far as this MAILING LIST goes, there should be no fee
to exchange information which is offered to support other members of the
diabetic community.

Moreover, if you're going to continue to suggest that people should
indeed pay to play (which is perfectly fine with me) let's make sure we
all know what we're wanting that money for. It costs nothing but time to
maintain a mailing list and time is not cheap. But I'll say it again,
people all over the world with a desire to do just that, are doing it.
The website, on the other hand, is a different kind of beast, which
obviously takes much more time and money to maintain. Charge up the
wazoo for the use of it, if you want to (grammarians, please excuse that
last sentence). Or donate as much of your money as you want in an effort
to keep it running. I don't care what you do with your money and please
don't feel the need to inform me of your financial situation - it has no
bearing on this discussion.

One last time just so we're all clear on this - charge money for use of
the website, or don't. Shit or get off the pot. Michael, if you want to
charge for use of the website, then do so. You people leading the charge
for payment of this service should go ahead and pay, but stop shouting
it from the mountaintops. Instead, take an Economics 101 class, where
you'll learn that the cream rises to the top, that people will pay what
they want to pay for, and others won't. It's a never-ending argument
pitting otherwise decent people against one and other. There are those
who wear their financial woes on their sleeves while proudly proclaiming
that those of us who don't obviously "have not needed to rely on the
kindness and generosity of other members for supplies or medicine." That
sort of logic is blissfully unencumbered by any sort common sense, and
it's nauseating to boot.

Cheers, all -

Keith G.

PS - Those of you, and there always are, who will be sending me letters
of support for my supposed bravery for speaking my opinion - save 'em.
There's nothing brave about voicing our opinions. To fear that they
might be greeted negatively, or that they might be perceived as somewhat
unpopular, is to still be living with that high-school mentality where
acceptance is the holy grail of existence. 

Just stand up.
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