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Re: [IP] Pay up

>Dear Michael:
>I am sure you get huffy responses from people who complain they don't have
>the money, and I certainly understand their problems, but it is about CHOICE
>(which thankfully, in some areas we still have), and NECESSITY.  so suck it up
>and start charging us something!
>Sara SP (who remembers when IP had 200 members)

OK, Sara!!!   I knew I'd catch you at something like this, so fess 
up!   You're even older than you admit (though I can't tell by 
looking through these old eyes)  "When IP had 200 members"???   Your 
Profile number is  #113.   So folks, just like John Neale posting his 
childhood picture with his Scout uniform on, who among us agrees with 
Sara's comment in her Profile that she "behaves just fine for as old 
and decrepit as i (she) am (is)"?       :>o

(love ya sweetheart!)      ;>)
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