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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512

>{"However, the meter is not what I had hoped for. I am getting a 
>replacement and
>hopefully it will be significantly better. Thankfully, you can still 
>receive the
>>  benefit of the pump without the meter.}
>seriously, I felt the same way about the BD meter, but it's working great
>for me now that I'm moving the meter and strip toward my finger instead of
>moving my finger to the strip, sounds wierd but it's working great and I
>haven't had a E 3 since.

This sounds like thist is from Twain's "Huck Finn", where Huck is 
dressed as a girl but the woman he is trying to fool isn't taken in 
by his disguise.  First he draws his legs together when she tosses 
him a ball of yarn (a woman would have spread her legs so that it 
could be caught in her skirt) and then when threading a needle she 
observes him drawing the needle to the thread rather than guiding the 
thread to the needle.  I guess the BD meter is a "man thing",  they 
appear to have designed it just for men!     ;>)

(My daughter is an engineer and a very good one!   Don't know why you 
don't see more "woman oriented" designs?)
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