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RE: [IP] RE: Pay Up

>There must be costs associated with this e-mail list. I do not know what
>they are. But someone has to pay for them. I would suggest that anyone
>Who wants to join be given a 30 day trial to see it its for them, after
>that well it up to the owners of the site to decide what to do. AM I
>suggesting some membership dues, yes, I think If you receive some benefit
>there might be some costs.

There was something about Californians "giving away Electric power", 
but I don't think they included any of California in that "give-away" 
;>(    So Michael does have costs that have to be taken care of so 
that we can be "taken care of by Michael"   There is a great deal of 
volunteer effort that goes into running the web site also.  The 
people that donate time (you would be surprised at the number of 
hours contributed) do have limits as they also have their own lives 
to deal with the same problems that all members have.  It is the 
additional "costs of time" that have to be accounted for in some of 
the suggestions for membership qualification.  Certainly more 
volunteers could be added, but it will still come down to "one man" 
who will have the weight of keeping this operation happening.  The 
more people it can reach with the least effort on his part, well all 
the much better for all Dmers.

Don't let my comments keep anyone from thinking of and contributing 
suggestions.  It is through thought and expression that solutions 
will come.   Who knows, one of these days that rich uncle will show 
up, or some brilliant grant writer will know just how to touch on the 
compassion that is stored up in all those conservatives out there! 

(who is repaid for his giving by EVERY new story of success here!)
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