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Re: [IP] New MM Transfer Guard in 512 Video? What About a Pump Users Advisory Group

At 12:19 AM -0800 11/21/03, Juan Antonio Dominion wrote:
>In this vain, does anyone know if there is a 'Pump Users Advisory Group'
>that comes up with recommendations that could be made as a group to
>insulin pump manufacturers?  Would anyone out there be interested in
>forming one?  I'm thinking we could brainstorm and agree on what we
>think are the top issues that need to be addressed with pump (and
>infusion set) features, then try to get one of the manufacturers to
>listen to us.  (As a group, we'd have some clout.)  MAYBE even the new
>Disetronic company, Roche, perhaps Nipro, Animas (they seem to care) or
>Cozmo (they got some design award for the engineering that went into
>their pump).

Most assuredly there are these groups already.  Over 3 years ago, I 
was selected by Smith Medical (Deltec) to observe and comment of 
their menu system  (if you don't like it, don't blame me, it isn't 
all my fault lol)   And from time to time there will be requests for 
volunteers for different studies of systems and general design of 
pumps.  And don't think that comments posted to IP don't eventually 
make their way back to the Powers That Be.  The revision done on the 
IR-1000 alarm system may have come about just from this or perhaps 
direct comment to Animas (they DO listen!!!)  So if you have 
constructive comment to make on your pump, DO post it here, do send 
it to the company and contribute however you can to supporting this 
web site!   You can be a part of making things much better for 

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