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[IP] why, I oughta.......

Greg wrote
>How many new people have come on the list looking for information?
> Many.  How many of them were fence-sitters about even GETTING a 
>pump? Many.  How many of those fence-sitters would have paid for a
> subscription, just to see if the list would even help them make up 
> their minds?  My personal bet, few to none.

Dude...if I didn't already personally know you (and your little "leash" 
 peculiarities), I would have to smack you!! You also did NOT read my ORGINALY
on the subject!!!  I propose that it could be FREE to visit the web site, 
 FREE to browse the email, FREE to search the archives, FREE to use the links to
the manufacturer FREE to see the FAQs....BUT if you want to POST a question, 
RESPOND to something or CHAT - in other words ACTIVELY interact with the 
community, then you pay a MODEST subscription fee.  

HOW would THAT scare anyone away???  If they GET something useful from the 
FREE portion of the web site, but want MORE or want to TALK to someone live, 
 then they can pay!! Is it, or is it NOT true that virtually EVERY question you
could possibly think of, AS a NEW pumper...not an old hand like me or you, is 
available on the archives...I will answer that for you.. YES

GO back and re-read my original post on the subject.....sigh.....that 
pittsburgh air must be doing something to those brain cells

BUT whatever...I am sure this little spate of debate has helped Michael reach 
his quarterly goal....so until the next drive......I will try to refrain from 
saying anything else about it...(ha)

love ya, SSP
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