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[IP] Insulin-Pumpers

I joined IP in the fall of 1999.  A gentleman from another diabetes chat 
page told me that if I was interested in finding out everything there was 
to know about pumping insulin, IP was the place to go.  I was diagnosed 
with Type 1 diabetes in 1963, and in all those years, I had met few people 
who were also Type 1 like me.  IP literally changed my life.  I found out 
about insulin pumps, and I became excited about getting one for 
myself.  After 37 years of injections, set diets, schedules, I was more 
than ready for a change.  Once I got a pump, all the information and 
suggestions from other "experienced" pumpers helped me so much in those 
early days.  I don't think I could have managed it all without everyone's 
help.  Whenever I had a question or a problem, a response was just minutes 
away thanks to this mail list.

But, there was one more unseen benefit that I found.  Many new friends.  I 
have met so many wonderful people through this site.  People that are now 
my dearest and closest friends.  I've traveled across the country visiting 
them.  I've shared so many wonderful times with them.  Without IP, my life 
would be very different today.  I'm sure there would be just a bit less 
laughter and fun.  I'm sure there would be a bit more uncertainty on how to 
handle my diabetes and my insulin pump.

I'm grateful that I'm in a position to make a regular monthly donation to 
IP.  IP and its members supported me so many times, that I'm glad I can 
give the support back.  I don't criticize anyone that feels that they can't 
afford to offer monetary support to IP, and I am glad for those that 
can.  I am thankful for Michael and all his work here at IP.  I am glad for 
all the volunteers who I know do a great job taking care of new memberships 
and member requests for help.  IP changed my life.  IP is now a big part of 
my life.  Those of you who feel as I do, if you can just give a bit of 
support back to IP, I know it would do a world of good in helping to keep 
things going.  Thanks.

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