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Re: [IP] Pay up

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Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 9:16 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Pay up

>  I suspect that I am like most other IP users, all I really use is the
e-mail list. And one can start an e-mail list for free in a lot of different
places. I suspect that if IP became a subscription site, it would have to
offer MORE than it does now to most of its users to keep them.

> John

IP is MUCH MORE than "just" an e-mail list.  This website is THE BEST source
of information regarding insulin pumps and diabetes as far as I'm concerned,
and if it weren't for this site, I may not be pumping today.

When I was diagnosed in March of last year, my first CDE mentioned that I
might want to consider going on an insulin pump after learning to carb count
and do MDI.  The only problem was that she couldn't provide me with enough
information, and when she described it, I was horrified by the idea!  I
called a couple of different Endos who worked with pumps to find out if they
had any brochures, and none of them did.

Through a simple search on the web, I found IP.  After researching
everything I could on the PUBLIC part of the site and using its various
links, I decided within a couple of days that I wanted to go on a pump.  I
didn't even join the list, so I didn't have access to the email in the
"Members Only" area.  I was able to get enough comprehensive information off
the rest of the site to make an informed decision.  I was even able to
compare the different pumps on the market at that time using the link on the
main page.  I used the web site for months before ever becoming a member.  I
only became a member AFTER I got my pump.

I look at it this way:  I bought numerous books on Diabetes, none of which
were free.  I had one-on-one appointments with a CDE that were not free.  I
attended Diabetes Education classes that were not free.  I subscribe to two
Diabetes magazines that again, are not free.  Out of all those other sources
of education, I find that the wealth of information I've learned from this
website and mail list, is worth every bit of my contribution and more.

If the above were not reason enough to support this list, since becoming a
member, I don't feel so isolated with my disease.  There really aren't any
pump support groups in my area and I don't know any other insulin-dependent
Diabetics (people with Diabetes ;o)  Because of this group, the fear and
despair I first felt when I was diagnosed is gone.  I've learned that I'm
not alone, there are others out there like me, and I can live a happy,
productive, *normal* life in spite of Diabetes.

dx'd 3/02,  pumping 8/02
List Member 8/02
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