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[IP] I WILL pay;we all should;it's a tax-deductible donation.

 Michael, thank you for choosing to perform a valuable needed service, for
making this your life's work.

 Many of us may be like myself; we feel like we should contribute but are just
too busy; "I don't have my credit card in front of me; I will do it later,"
whatever. But MY monthly contribution is now in; I am at work but I took a break
to get it done.

 How do everyone know much this business needs to operate? Also if this ia a
person's life work,they need to make enough money to support themselves and
their family and to pay employees. This is a large operation. I have been asked
to join other internet services that do not provide half the information and
support we receive here for hundreds of dollars.

 I support the idea that IP should charge for memberships (and I don't care who
did or did not suggest it); I'm not going to suggest an amount but I think it
should be more than some people have suggested and I also am not going to
suggest any details about how it should be accomplished; it is not my business.

 Even though I am a fairly new member, I have gained tremendous value from being
a member of IP. I do not have time to read all the messages, but I do read some
that I feel would interest me; we can gain much valuable information from
others' experiences especially in a group as large as this,as a complement to
our education and care from the medical profession (doctors, CDE's).

 Additionally as members of a large diverse group, we can join in worthy causes
that we are made aware of and we can support and encourage and educate each
other and take advantage of materials and services we hear about and make
friends among people with whom we have much in common.

 Diabetes is such a harsh disease; anything we can do to make our lives or the
lives of others better, we should do. I will say this again to emphasize it; I
feel very strongly that IP should charge a fee for membership. Oh yes, and it is

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