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[IP] missing the POINT, as usual

You know, I tend to write into IP in waves....adding my 18 cents worth until 
the stupidity level reaches an all time high, and then I don't write for a 
while...and i am about there, y'all....

If you will kindly refer back to my FIRST war inciting post on the subject, 
(which can be found at 
 http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Nov2003/, you
will see that I very clearly wrote that IP could have
 "levels of membership - if someone can't afford or chooses NOT to pay, they can
still have access to the site and read the posts and search the archives, but 
if they want to ask a question or respond, or participate in CHAT, they would 
have to pay.  This way, if people don't want to pay they don't have to and 
they still have access to the information which is so useful to ALL of us."

I did NOT suggest it was PAY or GO AWAY.....

I also suggested an annual donation of $5 (NOT a monthly donation) would 
almost cover Michael's expenses...4000 members x $5 = $20,000 and he tries to 
 raise $5K per quarter, so that would just about cover it...so I am not
people donate $60 a year unless they want to... 

So...Might I suggest, rather than getting all huffy about the mere MENTION of 
taking somethign FREE away (as if we aren't losing freedoms right and left 
 these days), and that as long as IP is FREE, that we READ the posts completely,
before responding to them

SSP (stomping off to sulk about people and their knee jerk reactions to 
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