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Re: [IP] Pay up

Whew!  Sorry folks - my time is not worth this and I say this all in the
calmest, softest voice.  Personally, I did not wish a for-pay service here;
I thought I was joining a chat list and have not the time nor inclination to
read most of the posts, much less any of the vast info at the site, most of
which is available elsewhere anyway. I appreciate all Michael does, but that
is his *choice* and if the site's not paying his bills, he is free to find
employment elsewhere or get additional ads as many other sites do.  I'm
honestly amazed the pump companies donate anything, what with all the
whining about who's pump is best and general attitudes like the below
seething continually.

I do hope each of you find what is needful, here or elsewhere.  May God have
mercy on us.


From: wyldceltic1 email @ redacted

Maintaining the servers and office space ring any bells? People don't
give these things away (RENT!!! TELEPHONE!!!! INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!!
THINK!!!!!!) and I'm sorry you don't see the "PAY OFF for the PAY UP"!
This list has helped many many people with some pretty hairy
situations, and just because YOU haven't needed any of us, doesn't mean
that others don't.
You want 'Crucified'? YOU try to make that economic nut every month.
Phone, electric, heat, A/C for the tech room, a little thing like FOOD
for the guy running all this on his bat with the piffling donations
from who the heck ever in Corporate, and trying to _live_ ring any
bells??????? Remember this IS Michael's JOB.
Gadzooks! What IS it with PEOPLE?? We're talking five lousy bucks a
month!! Why begrudge a man who has busted his ----- trying for us to
have a 24/7/365 service?
I don't get why some feel every thing's a free ride. It is NOT. Other
folks are paying for us, isn't it time to step up to the damn plate?
Sheesh!! And people think *I* am a freeloader being on SSI! At the very
least, I try to volunteer at places (because folks don't think I need a
job?) to contribute to society.
It is confusing to me then if this list is so 'ho hum useless' (in so
many words) Why one joins in the first place....Oh yeah, maybe they
were looking for Support, friendship, advice?
I dunno, that's lust ME......
I am answering because YET AGAIN, MY post was the one selected to
answer with the "why should I's?", and I am getting pretty darn down at
people right now. I think the list is worth it. Sorry if you don't
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