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RE: [IP] paying

After reading both sides of the argument on charging users, and seeing good
points on both sides, I thought I would put in my views, as a fairly new

I certainly see a lot of benefit to be gained from this list, both in the
sense of community and information shared. You really can't put a price tag
on things like being better prepared or not feeling as alone in a situation,
but at the same time, there are prices that need to be paid in the creation
and maintenance of such a service. Bandwidth, facilities, storage, none of
it's cheap. I understand and agree wholeheartedly.

However, I think a certain element of that community is diminished as soon
as paying to be a part of it is made mandatory. I certainly support the idea
of fundraising, and of supporting it. I've been out of work for a year
myself, and am about to start a new position. Once I actually have income
again, have checked out the list and seen if it's something I'll stick with,
if I do (as I expect I will), I'd plan on contributing, definitely.

And I think that's the key, a sort of shareware-type approach. Join the
list, yes, see what it's like, and pay if it's something you really think is
worthwhile. Perhaps limit unpaid user access to only a condensed list, the
digest, limit access to additional lists(parents of pumpers, etc)?

I've been a user on livejournal.com for 3-4 years now, and I think their
issues with getting user support has been similar. What they've ended up
with, while not ideal, has worked thus far: provide some access to users who
don't pay, but obviously, offer more to those that do. While ideally, the
satisfaction of knowing you helped would be enough, to make it worth it to
some, there would have to be some added benefit offered.

Again, just my thoughts on it.

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