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Re: [IP] New Subject!!! wha hooo

Drat it, SSP -- you shoulda called ME! I had the same problem. Nothing but a 
Simple Choice, was in Mendocino, CA, about to leave for a wedding rehersal 
party -- and couldn't get the darned thing off! 

My sweet baboo finally got back to our hotel suite and figured it out. You 
 need two hands to wrest that little sucker off. So, on top of everything else,
had it in a one-handed location and had to have help getting it off and on 
the whole time I wore that set.

They do need to send out instructions but, for th uninformed who might try 
one in the future -- it's backwards from the Comfort/Temder/Silhouette: The 
squeezy thing is on the part that goes into you - not the part that detaches.

Jan and ElvisToo 

In a message dated 11/20/03 2:34:37 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ....I used the SC reservoir tubing and set....It was all pretty 
> standard...the tubing on the simple choice is thicker and stiffer than the 
> others, but big whup...might be easier to strangle someone with should the 
> need
> arise....
> so I inserted the set....and then could not get the SOB out!!  i was 
> squeezing where i was supposed to squeeze, but NO amount of pulling or 
> twisting
> would
> get that foot long needle out of my absomen.  
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