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[IP] New Subject!!! wha hooo

So i had a trauma last night adn posted to IP but apparently it didn't make 
it here...hmmmm

anyway...Logimedix sent me a sample of the simple choice set, so since I was 
on day 6 of my last set AND out of insulin at the same time, I decided to do a 
full change....I used the SC reservoir tubing and set....It was all pretty 
standard...the tubing on the simple choice is thicker and stiffer than the 
 others, but big whup...might be easier to strangle someone with should the need

so I inserted the set....and then could not get the SOB out!!  i was 
 squeezing where i was supposed to squeeze, but NO amount of pulling or twisting
get that foot long needle out of my absomen.  I called simple choice - they 
close at 5...i called Logimedix...they were closed too...I popped into chat to 
see if anyone knew how to get this thing out, I went to the SC web site to see 
if they had a picture...Finally in frustration, I called Minimed and got right 
through to a tech support person...I told her the problem and said she prob 
couldnt help me with it but she put me on hold awhile then came back with 

worried i was gonna have to rip the whole thing out and waste all that 
 insulin, I futzed adn fiddled with it for about 25 minutes...couldn't sit down
to the angle I had the site in - that introducer needle would have pierced 
 something I am sure....or popped out the other end ..ewwww...FINALLY...I got it
out...and it is working fine...


So Simple Choice called me this am, and said they were sorry i had problems 
and were gonna send me a couple more samples.  She said they had made some 
changes to the set already, and that the tubing was thinner, and more flexible 
 (there goes my strangling theory). I also suggested making the little connector
prongs a different color rather than clear plastic for those of us with not so 
good eyes, and compromised depth perception.

Logimedix has yet to call me back - they are the ones who sent it to me 
 without instructions....but hell, I have been doing tender/silhouettes for 6 or
years  - i don't need no stinkin' instructions....or maybe I do.

So thanks to Steve in the chat room who suggested the web site, where I 
 didn't find help but i did get a phone number..without IP I might have had to
standing up!!! (and don't think I couldn't do it.....)

Sara Smarty pants AZ
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