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[IP] Novolog -Sort of Long

My endo said I should put this on the Internet.  Immediately after changing 
from Humalog to Novalog, my total daily insulin usage has dropped from 440 
 units to 273 units. I hope this lasts. By the way I tried a cartridge of
again yesterday, just to see if it just wasn't another cause, and my insulin 
usage went back up, but not all the way to 440 units.  I am not trying to 
start a war between products, but if you seem to be resistant to one form of 
 insulin, you might discuss it with your endo to see about trying out something
for a trial.  I am going to call Lilly to see what they might have on this.  
I know they called me once with a survey about resistance a while back after I 
had called them.

I once thought I was getting bad insulin by mail order due to improper 
 storage or deliver. I now have Humalog from two different deliveries, from the
 pharmacy, and a sample. None works any better than the other, so I assume it is
 all good stuff, and well within date. Never frozen, and always refrigerated as
far as I know.

Hope this info may help someone else out sometime.  I have appreciated the 
few replies from other high usage people with diabetes, and their concerns.  
Sorry for the long post.
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