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Re: [IP] Pay up

Less of the "old" matey....

I have had nothing but rejections on the jobs front this week and don't 
need tranqs, thank you anyway..I would most likely down the lot right 
now. "Too handicapped" to work, "... but hey, we need volunteers...." 
<VBG> Sure, right whatever.  Then when I see all the something for 
nothing crud, forgive the heck out of me while I try to get some sort 
of pathetic job, for being hurt to the core.... My posts were the ones 
to get the "Why Should I's" whilst others were given the "Atta Girl" 

Someone recently said I had to "accept" my bad eyesight "Disability". I 
dunno how or what they meant, Been this way from birth. But I guess 
sitting and just adopting the 'something for nothing' outlook would 
sure be easier, but it isn't me. Never has been. so I give my piffling 
$3.00 a month and hear others who could be and usually are employed 
saying "Why Should I?" Wouldn't that cut you a bit?

Jennifer Sutherland

On Nov 20, 2003, at 10:59 AM, Grimes, Keith wrote:

> Whoa, Jennifer. Thanks for answering my question. I guess I wanted to
> know what makes this list different from the others that I'm on - and
> now I know.
> Me thinks that maybe we ought to be taking up another collection to get
> you a bottle of tranquilizers while we're at it.
> Chin up, old girl!
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