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Re: [IP] Pay up

<Sigh> again using my post to reply to, but at least This one wasn't a 
"Why Should I?" type of thing.

See what Ms. Chait wrote, go check it out and then maybe ask; "Why 
Shouldn't I?"

Jenny Sutherland

On Nov 20, 2003, at 10:19 AM, email @ redacted wrote:

> Now, if you really want to know where the money goes, check out IP's 
> Form
>  990, avaiable at <A HREF="www.guidestar.org">www.guidestar.org</A>. 
> There you
> can see what the income and
>  expenses are. Key in Insulin Pumpers in Milpitas, CA. The income is 
> less than a
> lot
> of us live on. Now try to figure out where Michael gets the money to 
> run IP
> *and* support his family.
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