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Re: [IP] paying

I joined the list because my primary care physician suggested the pump.  The
endos available to me through my insurance don't do the pump (think that was
done on purpose?)

It was the list and the webiste that has helped me figure out the best pump
for me.  Okay, I'm a touch anal, but being able to go back and look through
several months of archived messages helped me.  Being able to have offline
conversations with people who picked the same pumps I was considering helped
me to.  Being able to scan through and read conversations about pump
problems or customer service problems also told me what manufacturers to
avoid.  (I also went to the FDA Maude database and confirmed that).

I use the links on the website on a regular basis.  Sometimes I have
questions -- and the FAQs help me.  Sometimes I'm shopping for something to
make my life easier.  All of that helps.

I know it costs money.  I ran a list on a secure server was a while.
Couldn't make people happy so went to Yahoo.  With Yahoo, you have spam
harvesters -- something that has not happened with the list, that i know of.
You also get obscene spam on the list.  Sure haven't seen that.

So for me, the convenience is worth it.  So far, I've contributed 3 times -- 
about the time I decided to get a pump, and for each of the fund drives
since I've been on the list (been here since July).

And the list has saved me quite a bit of money.
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