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[IP] paying

John writes:
> Would youreally want to PAY for the privilidge of getting a few 
> thousand e-mails a yearthat are the same few thousand you got 
> last year, mostlyarguing about who's pump is best, 

Hell no, but the point is you don't HAVE to receive ANY emails.  There are 
three options...you can get every frigging email people send, and then have to 
 delete when you see subjects that don't interest you, OR you can get the digest
version and get a few HUGE emails every day, then you have to scroll down and 
see if there is anythgn worth reading, OR the best choice, is simply use the 
browser version.  You can log on when it is convenient to you...you can CHAT, 
you can search the archives, you can find FAQs and answers and links to other 
web sites and pictures of where to put your site and best of all, you can 
 scroll though all the posts...you can see the subject line, and (very important
my case), you can see who wrote it.  Sometimes even if a subject is of 
 interest to me, I don't open a post because it is written by someone whose
style, attitude or spelling BUGS me (and of course anyone is free to delete my 
posts at any time.....).

So, in answer to John's question, I htink most people would say NO to simply 
getting the wash of stupid emails, but to have the CHOICE (since choice is 
 part of what makes America so great - god knows it isn't FREEDOM anymore) makes
subscribing and paying a MODEST fee - we are talking $5 or $10 a year....and 
like my original post says, if one CHOOSES not to subscribe, then they STILL 
 have access to the wealth of information. That is one thing that kinda bugs me
 about IP anyway. Newbies, god bless 'em, log on and ask the same old questions
people have been asking  here for YEARS....Of course, we help them, guide 
 them, etc. but the FACT is, just about every question a newbie is going to
is IN the archives.  If you don't pay and so can't ask, "why does such and 
 such make me so and so?" then you can do a search and find 45 bazillion answers
to your question.

Michaal has tried to get sponsorship and has done a great job.  Why do we 
have to GIVE the responsibility for our web site to some big company - if they 
PAY for it, then they might want to censor it...like not letting us say things 

Not trying to start a stupid war here, besides it is NOT our choice 
 anyway...it is Michael's. This is HIS list that he thoughtfully shares with
you Michael

Sara SP
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