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RE: [IP] Pay up

> Some folks get far more out of this list than you do, apparently, but
> Michael is making an effort to keep it going and frankly I would think
> he is getting tired and he needs help..

All -

Not to sound like a heretic, but would exactly would we be paying for? I
belong to several other lists, two of them diabetes-related and chock
full of very useful information, and none of them have ever asked me for
a dime. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but I just don't get this
pay up thing.

This list operates just like the others. I get lots and lots of email
mailed to me everyday, I read them, delete them, reply to some,
subscribe and unsubscribe. So why does this one need my money? The
information here is very useful, but not anymore useful than the
information I get from my non-publicly funded counterparts. 

So are we being asked to pay for the list, or are we being asked to pay
for the website? Big difference where I'm concerned. I've never even
looked at the website except to subscribe to this list. There's probably
a lot of good stuff there, but frankly, I don't have the time to peruse
it. Is the content that compelling to demand payment?

Again, not looking to get crucified here; rather, just looking for the
payoff for the pay up.

Keith G.
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