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[IP] IP Fee

 Sara Smarty Pants said it first and said it well, >>>>>>>but it is about
(which thankfully, in some areas we still have), and NECESSITY.  so suck it
and start charging us something!  Sara SP (who remembers when IP had 200

Totally agree on charging for IP, if $5 a month is what is needed, JUST DO
IT.   I don't exactly remember when I first got on IP list.  There were
around 300 folks then.  I am a single parent raising a disabled child and I
found that I could put $5 or $10 on my credit card monthly and not even miss
it.  Yes, my funds were limited, but I would blow that much on junk at the
grocery store each month.  I have been on and off the list through the

To this day, I think of many of those on this list as true personal friends
who are welcome to my home anytime....I so wish I could meet them all!!!
There's so many of us "old timers" around.......Michael, Sam, Spot, SSP
(Sara Smarty Pants),  Jan, Rodney, George, and too many to mention.....they
haven't gotten around to putting those additional memory chips in my brain
so I forget.  

If I were to put a value on all the 
virtual hugs, 
and just plain letting me know that I am not alone, there are great folks to
help me!!!
If I were to put a price on all that I have received, it would be far
greater than I could ever afford.  

So, I give my little bits, enough to pay for me and maybe half another
person to have this site.......  
To everyone who has gotten any benefit from this site, and the world of
Information that Insulin Pumpers provides, CHOOSE TO GIVE FOR WHAT YOU GET!

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, Alabama
Pumping since 1994
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contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org