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Re: [IP] Pay up

 Careful folks, think that through to its logical conclusion. I support Insulin
Pumpers because I can and I choose to. But I suspect that I am
 like most other IP users, all I really use is the e-mail list. And one can
start an e-mail list for free in a lot of different places. I suspect that
 if IP became a subscription site, it would have to offer MORE than it does now
to most of its users to keep them. Think about it. Would you
 really want to PAY for the privilidge of getting a few thousand e-mails a year
that are the same few thousand you got last year, mostly
 arguing about who's pump is best, and which insulin is better and so forth,
just to get the few e-mails a month that are of real value and

 What IP needs to contine to exist as it does today is higher level of
sponsorship. I know how difficult that is to achieve, especially in
 today's econemy. But if you look at the web based communities that survive,
that is the one thing they have in common. It's time to go to
 EVERYONE who is making a buck off of the pumping industry, and ask them to pay
up. Most of them get free advertising on the lists
anyway (be it good or bad).  


> What really hurts is seeing the sentiment of getting something for 
> nothing is still alive and well in this world.
> >
> > It is TIME to start charging for the site....$5, $10 or more if one 
> > can spare
> > it. 
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