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RE: [IP] Any good books?


I'm not home right now, and I can't remember exactly what the book says,
but I highlighted it for reference.  When I get home tomorrow, I'll look
it up and post the details, by Friday at the latest.

FWIW, I drank beer heavily for most of my diabetic life and never had
any problems with it.  Although, I used to err on the side of keeping my
BGs high when I drank and that may be why I have gastroparesis now.



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Antonio said:
----snip----It also had the best discussion I have ever seen of how to
alcohol consumption.  It gave practical ways for dealing with it,
saying that it was forbidden.---

Could you possibly share a little of that discussion here?  My biggest
with my recently diagnosed college student is alcohol consumption.
While I'd
love to think that she would completely avoid it....I have to be
realistic and
know that this IS college.  I've harped to her over and over..."Just
have one
beer and eat something with it!" until her eyes simply roll back in her
from listening to me when she's home on break <grin>....is there any
advice that you could share?  Thanks!

Pattie....Neurotic mother of 20 year old diagnosed in August of 2003!
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