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[IP] Going in for tonsil and UPPP surgery

Well, I'm scheduled to go in for surgery, and it's scaring me terribly.  The
going under part, I'm not so worried about.  I've gone under for an endoscopy
thingy. They were looking for ulcers.

I'm worried about spending an overnight in the hospital. They did say it was
going to be one of those 23 hour stays. But I just don't sleep well on
anything but my own bed. What also gets me is the recovery time afterwards.
I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, been using my CPAP machine, but just haven't
been getting the best benefit from it.  My sleep doctor had me go to an ENT,
and he said that YUP we should do surgery.  They want to remove my tonsils and
do a UPPP. What I understand it's to shave the excess skin around the uvula in
the back of the throat.  Nope not sounding like fun. Then they said that I'll
have 2 weeks of a really bad sore throat. Will be on a soft diet for awhile.
Though I don't think I'm going to be wanting much of anything. Though I guess
I better stock up on cold stuff, RIGHT?

I guess I better call my endo and tell him what's happening. I better get an
order or something stating to NOT remove the pump and to let me give my
insulin dosages. RIGHT?  Don't want them giving me something in an IV and not
know how much. The eating part I guess isn't going to be much of an issue,
though I suppose I better just let them specify sugar Popsicles vs. sugarfree.
(Going to need some glucose).  Any of you folks out there done this type of
surgery?  Do you think it's helpful?

Those who haven't had this particular surgery but have been in, any
suggestions? I'm really wigged out about this.  Any words you fine folks have
would be helpful.

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