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Re: [IP] Supplies to go/Chicken-Pox

At 10:03 PM 11/19/03, you wrote:
>Ohhhhhhhhhh MAN!!
>     I've been pumping for over eight years and IDD for almost forty 
> years. I'm
>well aware of what reservoirs, cartridges and syringes are. Daaaaaaa! What I
>meant to say was that I was wondering if the H-Tron "system" was similar to
>the Silhouette "system." Obviously, I know NOTHING about the H-tron thing or
>anything other than Mini Med information.
>     Perhaps, I can enact a save by letting you know that I have Chicken-Pox
>and feel just awful! I did have this as a child and getting it again, "just
>happens sometimes"! YEA! WHAT are the odds?! Truly, I look forward to getting
>Take Care, Kathleen

Hi Kathleen,  hope you get over the chicken pox and feel better very soon.

When you speak of the H-Tron "system" you're referring to a pump 
system.  When you speak of a Silhouette "system" you are speaking of an 
infusion set system.  They are two different things.  An H-Tron is a 
pump.  A Silhouette is an infusion set.  You can use a Silhouette with an 
H-Tron pump, I did for the first year of my pumping.  Now I use the 
QuickSets.  Are you perhaps talking about similarities between the 
Silhoutte and the Tender (which is Disetronic's name for the same infusion 
set) or the Disetronic UltraFlex which is totally different?  I'm not sure 
what you're asking since you're asking about two different things.

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