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[IP] a praise for Disetronics

I've had a hard time keeping up with the IP emails lately, but today I read 
one bashing Disetronics.  I don't know what will happen with the company now 
 that Roche has taken over, but I still like their products and since I have two
very reliable pumps from a company that has been very good to me, I see no 
reason to switch unless something else happens that I'm not aware of now.

I have received several letters from them offering assistance if I decide 
that due to the FDA's ban, I feel uncomfortable with their product and wish to 
change.  I've also received communication stating that they will continue to 
offer technical assistance and support as well as supplies, repairs and 
replacements for those customers who remain on their pump.

That being said, this past weekend I went to their website to order a new 
leather pump pouch and a battery tool.  No prices were posted but I know about 
 what their costs are, so I went ahead and put in my order. On Monday I received
a call from Disetronics giving me the total price of my order, which was $33, 
 several dollars cheaper than just the leather pouch I purchased about two 
 years ago. The lady also stated that they would give me a free case in addition
to my purchases and asked which one I wanted.

Since the FDA's ban and Roche's subsequent takeover and layoff of Disetronics 
employees, I would think they do not have the personnel to conduct support 
meetings and are also likely banned from promoting their products in the U.S.  
Of course other pump companies would jump at the chance to secure some of 
 Disetronics' market share and they have the freedom to do it. That's why they
happy to participate in the support groups; I'm not saying it's wrong, it's 
just business.

I may have to change at some point in the future, but for now I absolutely 
appreciate them and will show my loyalty.


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