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[IP] Re: IP and YOU

In a message dated 11/19/2003 4:12:53 PM Alaskan Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> It is TIME to start charging for the site....$5, $10 or more if one can 
> spare 
> it. whatever you need to cover the expenses.  4000 x $5 = $20,000, plus the 
> generousity of people and organziations and companies who donate more.  You 
> should NOT have to BEG for support! Maybe I lived in NYC too long, but I 
> don't
> LIKE begging Hell, I even turn PBS OFF during their pledge drives. It 
> saddens
> me that you have to ask so much and so often. I know everyone makes their 
> choices about where and when to donate, but this is a SERVICE that needs to 
> be 
> supported.

I totally agree, Sara. I have been a member since April of this year and the 
wealth of knowledge that I have gained has been phenomenal ! Just today I was 
talking to a new aquaintance and we started discussing diabetes. Thanks to IP, 
I was able to give her a lot of good information. Was she ever impressed and 
awed by the fact that I could explain how diabetics adjust their insulin 
dosages according to what they eat. (She had a diabetic dog in the past). 
Anyway, even though I an STILL currently unemployed, I have faithfully 
 donated every month to IP. It is worth that to me. Oh, sometimes I don't have
opportunity to read all the posts. That is why there is that wonderful 
 invention, the delete button. When pressed for time, I end up having to choose
subjects are most important to me. Yet, every time I hit the delete button, I 
 feel that I may have missed something important that maybe the title didn't get
updated on, or that I could help someone else with the way others have helped 
Take a good look at yourselves, your life, and I bet that nearly EVERY person 
on this site could afford that $5.00 donation. What is that to some of 
 you.....a bag of chips or 6 pack of soda, or that movie rental that you got
cause you were bored. Please take the time to really THINK about what is 
 important to yourself. We live in such a material world, where we have to have
 newest meter, palm pilot, cell phone, digital camera and so forth......surely
can spare $5.00 for information to better health. 
Think HARD about it. 
Tina H
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