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Re: [IP] Pay up

I agree to a point. I am on SSI but even *I* can scrape up $3.00 a 

What really hurts is seeing the sentiment of getting something for 
nothing is still alive and well in this world.

Now I know there are some who really ARE scraping the bottom of the 
barrell every month. but come on! If I can do it living on $619.00 a 
month, why not others??

Jenny Sutherland
<email @ redacted>
On Nov 19, 2003, at 5:11 PM, email @ redacted wrote:

> It is TIME to start charging for the site....$5, $10 or more if one 
> can spare
> it. whatever you need to cover the expenses.  4000 x $5 = $20,000, 
> plus the
> generousity of people and organziations and companies who donate more. 
>  You
>  should NOT have to BEG for support! Maybe I lived in NYC too long, 
> but I don't
>  LIKE begging Hell, I even turn PBS OFF during their pledge drives. It 
> saddens
> me that you have to ask so much and so often. I know everyone makes 
> their
> choices about where and when to donate, but this is a SERVICE that 
> needs to be
> supported.
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