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[IP] Pay up

Dear Michael:

It is TIME to start charging for the site....$5, $10 or more if one can spare 
it. whatever you need to cover the expenses.  4000 x $5 = $20,000, plus the 
generousity of people and organziations and companies who donate more.  You 
 should NOT have to BEG for support! Maybe I lived in NYC too long, but I don't
 LIKE begging Hell, I even turn PBS OFF during their pledge drives. It saddens
me that you have to ask so much and so often. I know everyone makes their 
choices about where and when to donate, but this is a SERVICE that needs to be 

As they say, why buy the pig when you can get the sausage for free?  Blue 
 Mountain .com used to give the cards away for free, and now they charge for the
use of the site...same with the Motley Fool and they both have 1000s of happy 
 subscribers. I know you have always wanted to keep it free so anyone who wants
can participate, but reality is reality!   And you will probably lose some 
people if you start charging...whatever - that is their choice.  They will not 
find this level of SERVICE anywhere else on the web.  You could make levels of 
membership - if someone can't afford or chooses NOT to pay, they can still 
 have access to the site and read the posts and search the archives, but if they
want to ask a question or respond, or participate in CHAT, they would have to 
pay.  This way, if people don't want to pay they don't have to and they still 
have access to the information which is so useful to ALL of us.

I am sure you get huffy responses from people who complain they don't have 
the money, and I certainly understand their problems, but it is about CHOICE 
(which thankfully, in some areas we still have), and NECESSITY.  so suck it up 
and start charging us something!

Sara SP (who remembers when IP had 200 members)
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