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[IP] Re: My reply / 90 day trials

I agree with you Shelley, this pisses me off as well and has for a long
time, every time I get a chance I b**ch to anyone that is in earshot. 

All I can say (not being sarcastic to you, but in general) is welcome to
the world of the parasite!  As far as the insurance industry is in this
country, we are all viewed as parasites.  They are happy to take our
money, proclaim to be our best friends and have our best interest at
heart, all the while trying their hardest to get us to keep our insurance
intact "just incase", when we have no problems or diseases and they don't
have to put out any money.  But when we have to start using the services
we and others pay for, then we find out just how good a friend they
really are.  They know but are not interested in helping us take good
care of ourselves now to avoid costly complications later, they actually
hope and pray there won't be a later (either through death or an
insurance change)! They were forced a few years ago to pay for Diabetes
meds and some supplies, so in retaliation they have dug their heels in
like a bunch of spoiled children ! and tried to make it as hard as
possible to get what you need either by refusing, limiting or charging
additional co-pays or percentages.  Since no one that is in a position to
really make a difference, has the backbone to do so, I don't see this
situation getting any better, infact I see it getting much much worse. 
But we are not in this alone, its not just diabetics its anyone that has
to use the services that we've been paying for "just incase"

I know this will start a war, which was not my intention.  Say what you
will, we all know this is true!


>I took two posts & put them together because this pisses me off so much:
> > <>of your supplies, would you be able to keep pumping? I know I
wouldn't. > >Judi in MI >- - --------------------------------------
>email @ redacted > > > Why isn't everyone pumping insulin? I haven't
had to call an ambulance in >nearly 2 years. No glucagon injections. No
prying teeth open to force > monojel down my husband's throat. I'm not
going to be able to maintain my >"nursing" skills much longer. >> > >
It's like not covering birth control. Hmmmm, delivering a baby is cheaper
than >the PILL! DUH! > > Paying for a pump, pump supplies, etc. is
cheaper in the long run than paying >for complications. When with the
insurance companies get their heads out of >their ASSES & realize that
maintaining the STUPID disease makes more sense than >paying to treat the
complications? > >OK, I feel better now. > >Shelley


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