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[IP] Graves/auto immune


Sorry to hear about the troubles your son is having!!  I too had 
 hyperthyroid/ Graves Disease as a teenager (and uncontrolled diabetes on top of
There are OTHER drugs to try if this one is not working...the one i was on was 
called Propathyrouricil (sp) but that was 22 years ago...so maybe it doesn't 
exist anymore...with my luck it is probably on the banned and lethal list 
 now....figures...I was on the drug for almost exactly one year and then the
 went into remission and only NOW am I having thyroid problems again - this time
hypo, but that runs in my family so,

I was told, a senior in high school when diagnosed, that I would have trouble 
concentrating and that I would very likely NOT do well in school (until that 
year i had never had a C in my life, and anything under a B+ was 
 rare)...Horrible thing to tell a kid...Sure enough, I had my first and only C
in high
 school a few months later (come to think of it, I also started ditching physics
that year - i wonder if THAT was due to the Graves as well....hmmmmmm) .  Of 
course, i went on to finish college with an A-  GPA and grad school with a B+ 
average, so screw the medical professionals!

I also had terrible acne as a teenager, face, back, neck and they never told 
me it was related to the hyper thyroid...we always chalked it up to being a 
hormonal teen who ate a lot of peanut butter and chocolate, and who had  a 
sister and a brother who also had terrible acne.  

There is also the radio active iodine Laura mentioned, but then he will have 
to take synthroid for hte rest of his life (no big deal), or have the thyroid 
removed, which I don't know if they DO anymore....

I hope it works out ok for you and your son.....

sara SP
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