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RE: [IP] Any good books? Where do I find them?

I was hoping that someone would KNOW where to purchase these books.
Often, niche books like these are not available on Amazon.  I rather not
go "hunting" for them if someone here knows where I can just go directly
to get them.

Thanks, to anyone who can help.


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At 01:35 PM 11/19/03 -0800, you wrote:
>I would like to obtain all of these books (except Pumping Insulin).
>you tell me where is the best place to purchase them?
>I would also like to add that I just read Optimal Pumping, by Freddi
>Fredrickson, published by MiniMed.  It was very good at giving
>strategies for optimizing and fine tuning pump therapy and for dealing
>with situations, like physical intimacy, travel, and exercise.  It also
>had the best discussion I have ever seen of how to handle alcohol
>consumption.  It gave practical ways for dealing with it, without
>that it was forbidden.
>Antonio in Los Angeles
>Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
>Paradigm 512

Go to the website [WHAT WEBSITE???] and click on the link called Books.
It directs you to 
Amazon.com, and try to find those books there.  If you buy them through
link, Insulin-Pumpers gets a donation from Amazon (although a small one,

but every thing helps support our Website.

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