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RE: [IP] Any good books?

At 01:35 PM 11/19/03 -0800, you wrote:
>I would like to obtain all of these books (except Pumping Insulin).  Can
>you tell me where is the best place to purchase them?
>I would also like to add that I just read Optimal Pumping, by Freddi
>Fredrickson, published by MiniMed.  It was very good at giving
>strategies for optimizing and fine tuning pump therapy and for dealing
>with situations, like physical intimacy, travel, and exercise.  It also
>had the best discussion I have ever seen of how to handle alcohol
>consumption.  It gave practical ways for dealing with it, without saying
>that it was forbidden.
>Antonio in Los Angeles
>Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
>Paradigm 512

Go to the website and click on the link called Books.  It directs you to 
Amazon.com, and try to find those books there.  If you buy them through our 
link, Insulin-Pumpers gets a donation from Amazon (although a small one, 
but every thing helps support our Website.

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